" No hidden surprises or fancy bells and whistles, just a photographer and her camera. Capturing your unique story just the way it is. "

Documentary Wedding Photography

What does it mean to be a documentary photographer?  The word or rather "title" is being used a lot these days and to every photographer it has a different meaning.  My style of documentary photography will tell the unscripted story of your day.  Nothing orchestrated, nothing posed, just a genuine portrayal of exactly what happened on your wedding day.  I look for the in-between, capturing moments as they happen organically in front of me.   With todays wedding we are forgetting some of the most important aspects of what the day is about; your love and your family.   I'd much rather spend my time showcasing the story around your guests and your interaction with them.  When it comes down to it, years from now, the memories you'll still be holding onto are your photographs. Sharing them with family members who were absent or new comers born down the road.  Having photographs which portray real emotions and tell complete stories, is what will keep your day alive year after year.  Living behind the camera is a way of life.  It's pretty incredible that a simple object can bond people and bring them together.   Documentary wedding photography ensures fluidity to the day and a genuine narrative to your wedding day. 

Us photographers all work differently, and have different ideas/approaches when it comes to a wedding day.  So you have a better idea, here is what you can expect from me: 

  •  When it comes to your couple photos, I believe in natural organic movements rather then highly stylized and posed.  I don't want to take away your time with the people who really matter, so when the light is just right, for 25 to 30 mins, I'll whisk the two of you away for couple photos.  If this makes you nervous, please don't be.  After all, throughout the entire day/night, I'll be shadowing you, capturing photo after photo probably without you even realizing it.  

  • I'm a photographer that likes to be in the action!  You won't see me on the sidelines, but rather in the midst of it all, respectfully as to not disrupt or bring any attention.  I am a recluse, eyes and ears waiting for the perfect moment to be at hand.  I'm constantly moving and never skipping a beat.

  • When it comes to the details and finer things, I won't set aside specific time to do "flat lays" but rather capture the beauty of your details naturally as they come to light through out the day.  I know details are important, after all you've spent all this time on every detail of your wedding day, but I promise you that with my attention and eye you will have photographs which portray all the hard work that went into all the planning in a natural way. 

  • I don’t do well with must have shot lists.  A list doesn't portray anything genuine about your day, especially with thousands of other people working off the same lists year after year.   Being a documentary photographer means we work with the elements, capturing the atmosphere, soul, life, love, energy of what is your wedding day.  Let me spend time with you and your guests capturing what makes your wedding day unique. 

  • Lastly, I do not believe in perfection.  In fact, I embrace imperfection and welcome it around ever corner.  I've been photographing in this style for over 8 years and the fist thing I learned was to go with the flow.  You can't predict everything, if anything at all, so we have to roll with the punches, embrace the accidents and trust that in the end your photographer is going to be right there capturing every crazy moment.   


House of Blues San Diego ・ Windansea Beach ・ Temecula Olive Oil Company  ・ Emerald Peak Venue ・  Tom Ham's Lighthouse ・ San Diego Botanic Garden ・ Thursday Club ・ Nacimiento Lake Research Center ・ Cuvier Park, La Jolla ・ The Marine Room ・ McCormick Home Ranch ・ Joshua Tree National Park ・ Sunset Cliffs  ・  Sky Box at Diamond View Tower ・ Bahia Hotel ・  William D Evens Boat ・ Sunset Point Park ・  Water Grill ・ The Grace Maralyn Estate 

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